The emergence of RFID Technology over the last decades has revealed different applications, among which some proved to be extremely important for the evolution of digital and production businesses.

Analyst Joanne Joliet, a research director for Gartner.com took into consideration how the RFID technologies should be implemented into digital businesses in a way that would revolutionize how retailers set to improve the shopping experience for their customers.

The analysis revealed how RFID technologies are meant to help with the in-store execution process, improving simple processes like the click and collect method preferred by many online-shopping customers. A strong argument is that the advancements in RFID technology have caused a drop in the price tag, fact that should ease the retailer’s decision to implement this technology in their business.

One of the main key findings from the same research article reveal how the risk for those who miss to take into consideration the implementation of RFID technologies in their stores can first result in losing a strong competitive advantage, ultimately deriving in the loss of customers and revenues.

For the retail business, the customer experience is a major differentiator among competitors.  But also for businesses in general, targeting success with your customer in mind should nowadays be a priority. Therefore, adapting your strategy to support the customer’s lifestyle, is one of today’s major advantages for the business sector. Starting from how the online medium took a major shift with the apparition of the mobile-first paradigm, one needs to think how the customer’s lifestyle has also changed over the last decades. We are now in a rising life rhythm, where everything needs and can be done faster, and we wear the technology in our pockets and can access information within seconds from when we start searching for it.

This is where the RFID technology turns up to be a time-saving technology by simplifying the cross-channel processes and managing to improve the B2B processes, especially those involving production sectors where the process between providers and manufacturers needs to be simplified.

For example, subcontractor components come with different characteristics regarding their individual characteristics and qualities. RFID technology can store specific data on the components from the duration of the entire production process, offering precise information about the component and offering a more dedicated solution for specific environments and situations. This is not only meant to ease the selection process of an engineer when contacting the components provider, but it also turns the construction process into being capable to use the specific data to obtain precise calculations and documentation for the end product, while at the same time offering a new type of service for their customers.

Therefore, the implementation of RFID technology not only helps with the improvement of cross-channel processes, but in the end it is also converted into a better customer service, resulting in increased revenue for those who set to implement RFID towards meeting new global business standards.

ID-Advice is here to clarify the advantages of implementing RFID technology towards improving your business and solve the issues within cross-channel processes, discuss possibilities and provide personalized solutions for your business.

Together, we can help you conduct an operational and customer journey analysis in order to identify the issues that can be solved through implementing RFID technology. ID-Advice can help with leveraging the use of RFID towards improving those identified issues and take into consideration the multiple ways through which RFID can enhance the experience for both the customers and associates of your business by reducing inventory cycle times and the inventory’s accuracy, or simply make the purchase-sale process not only faster, but also more precise. Moreover, ID-Advice helps with testing the implementation of RFID technology in your business through conducting a trial to analyze the customer experience.

If you need more clarifications on how RFID technology can improve your business, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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