BS-RFID Secured Truck – Key-less system

IDadvice, in collaboration with BS-support known as specialist in custom truck design, has developed a key-free BS-RFID secured truck locking system for trucks used in urban areas, like garbage trucks. The project development stems from the problems of:

  • Crew friendly system,
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Truck and crew security
  • Unlocked trucks that experience burglary and improper use.

Automatic locking system for trucks

Immediate the solution sounds very simple. Lock the truck when you are leaving. But that’s not easy. A driver and the team are in and out of the truck countless times on a working day. Locking the truck at each stop when working in urban areas is cumbersome irritates the staff and significantly reduces efficient workflow of everyday work.

RFID secured truck

With the help of BS-RFID keyless entry system, the truck or vehicle now will be locked automatically when the driver and the team moves more than 5 meters from the truck. The distance can of course always be adjusted to the local needs. The system thus makes the operation of the vehicle extremely user-friendly for the team and driver. At the same time, it is avoided that unlocked trucks represent a safety hazard in traffic and in urban and densely populated areas, as the trucks are always safely and automatically locked and engine blocked when the crew is away from the vehicle.

BS-RFID secured truck, key-less system is built with a scanner that detects the team members beacons. Located in the truck the scanner detects when the crew are away from the vehicle and when they approaches. When the team moves from the truck/vehicle, the doors will be locked and the engine cannot be started as soon as the team are outside the system’s safe zone approx. 5 meter distance. The distance can be configured according to local needs. When the team approaches the vehicle again, this is detected and the vehicle is automatically unlocked and the engine ready to go – without any interactions from the team.

Burglar attempts

Should it happen that a person who has no legal access break into the truck/vehicle, the RFID Secured Truck system will ensured no harm. If the doors or windows of the vehicle are crashed or opened, the engine will automatically be stopped when the vehicle is started. The truck quite simply cannot drive.

Efficiency in focus with RFID secured Truck system

Using the BS-RFID Secured truck auto lock system, the vehicle now can be used far more efficiently in daily work – and with the security being prioritized. The crew can quickly and easily jump in and out of the Truck without having to worry about the protection of the truck and assets every time. Protection and securing happens automatically.


  • Mobile safe access unit for trucks and other vehicles
  • 12V DC power supply
  • Integrated lithium battery for standby use
  • 12DC output (high side switch) for use with relays to cut off motor or whatever
  • Elegant form factor 110×110 cm housing
  • GSM and GPS inside for tracking of vehicle
  • IPS receiver to detect presence of IPS beacon
  • Logic to control output depending on presence of beacon included

RFID safe truck

Turn key – Safe truck system

What you get:

door locks for both sides
BS-RFID controller
Beacon scanner
encoding of the PSM module, controller
installation and adjustment of system

System ready to use.


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